Monday Morning GM: Jacob deGrom cannot end like Freddie Freeman

New York Mets v Atlanta Braves - Game One
New York Mets v Atlanta Braves - Game One / Scott Cunningham/GettyImages

Will the Jacob deGrom era end unceremoniously with the star pitcher opting out of his contract with the New York Mets after this season? Probably not. If you believe in Steve Cohen, you know deGrom will be back with a brand new deal.

deGrom has already publicly stated that he plans to exercise the opt-out. The least favorite kind of exercise Mets fans can look forward to this year, the level of concern isn’t there.

deGrom is one of the most beloved Mets of all-time. Cohen and company have been thoughtful about doing what’s right for the organization. Letting deGrom leave the same way the Atlanta Braves did with Freddie Freeman cannot happen, can it?

Is there any scenario where the Mets would let Jacob deGrom leave?

The Braves threw sentimentality out the window when they let Freeman leave for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Rather than give into his contract demands, they went out and traded for Matt Olson then immediately signed him to an extension. Wise or not, Braves fans are probably feeling a little irked that the face of the franchise for so many years has left.

Atlanta was able to do this because they are fresh off of a championship. They gave their fans a parade. And while they aren’t punting the 2022 campaign, they also didn’t invite Freeman back.

Switching back to the Mets, this is one possible way the front office could justify letting deGrom walk. Max Scherzer’s record-breaking contract has put them into a position where they will need to come close, if not surpass, what he is getting from the team. deGrom remains the number one starter on the staff. How can, after opting out, he feel about getting paid the second-most on the team?

deGrom’s contract has been speculated about for several years now dating back to when Brodie Van Wagenen’s name first became part of our dialect. You may recall in mid-2018 when BVW proclaimed the Mets should either sign his client to an extension or trade him. Little did we know, it was Van Wagenen who would later become the general manager of the Mets. During his tenure, without his input because of his previous connection as deGrom’s agent, the team did the most obvious thing possible and gave a generational star a deal that would keep him in town for several more years.

The contract did include an opt-out, though. And unless the Mets and deGrom work something out before the 2022 season ends, they risk losing him. The risk, however, shouldn’t be one to keep you awake at night. Allow your unpaid hospital bills and impending divorce for that.

deGrom will have a new deal with the Mets at some point. Even if it means Cohen has to sell a solid gold toilet or two, it’s a priority.

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