Mets Monday Morning GM: Grading the commitment to the tank

Who has passed the tank grade?
New York Mets v Atlanta Braves
New York Mets v Atlanta Braves / Alex Slitz/GettyImages

August tends to fly by for many of us hoping to catch a few extra days of later sunsets. When turning on a New York Mets game, time has slowed down. This August was an exhausting one. The team is in full tank mode.

The Mets organization has no interest in actually winning games. They have their sights set on the sixth overall pick in the draft or better. Finishing with the seventh worst record has major consequences. They’ll drop ten spots in the draft. It’s not disastrous. It’s enough to root against yourself.

How have the Mets done with this ongoing tank? Multiple aspects are at play. Who passes and who fails? Remember, the goal isn’t to win.

NY Mets front office tank grade: A

It’s ultimately up to the front office to decide who is on the roster and who isn’t. We can debate how much input MLB managers have these days. The pieces Buck Showalter was given aren’t all that impressive enough to give him any shot at receiving a grade for his participation in this tank.

Playing Danny Mendick, Jonathan Arauz, and Tim Locastro regularly has helped the Mets pile up losses. Continuing to allow Carlos Carrasco to step on the mound every turn through the rotation is a result of the front office keeping him around more so than Showalter choosing to allow the veteran to step on the hill.

The front office has succeeded with their mission to tank. Yes, we finally got Ronny Mauricio on the MLB roster. The damage, for better or worse, was already done.

NY Mets player tank grade: C-

The Mets players, on the other hand, haven’t been quite as willing to accept a lot of losing. Because of a depleted roster, it has come a little more easily.

The Mets didn’t completely rollover and die this month. They won their series against the Chicago Cubs. They rolled through the Pittsburgh Pirates and St. Louis Cardinals. It wasn’t nearly enough to truly convince anyone they should’ve bought at the trade deadline instead of sold. The Atlanta Braves pounded the Mets. Even the Los Angeles Angels came into town and walked away with two victors in three tries.

We can’t expect a player to lose on purpose. A C- grade is more based on the efforts they’ve given.

NY Mets fan tank grade: A

Let’s get the fans in on the action, too. On Monday August 28 against the Texas Rangers, the paid attendance was only 21,000. During their July series against the Chicago White Sox, attendance reached over 37,000 in the Tuesday opener. Fans aren’t showing up to the games post-trade deadline nearly as much. It’s the only way any of us can truly voice our disgust.

Attendance numbers at Citi Field will taper off even more as kids get back to school. The ball club need not wonder why. Blame the tank.

An A is appropriate for any fan who has committed to not going to games for the rest of the year. Equally so, those sticking with the team deserve credit. Just don't go out and buy any new tickets.