Mets Monday Morning GM: 3 positive assumptions about David Stearns we can make

If David Stearns keeps these virtues, the Mets will be fine in the long run.
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David Stearns is going to take a lot of rotten fruit to the face this year. The New York Mets President of Baseball Operations is bound to receive criticism with each turn. What about the praise the players can help him earn?

We’re still getting to know how Stearns will operate as the Mets POBO. These early positive assumptions should have us feeling good about having him as the man in charge.

1) David Stearns will admit when he made a mistake

Here’s something Billy Eppler did terribly. He never seemed to admit to his mistakes. Darin Ruf nearly made the 2023 Opening Day roster and probably would’ve if he played well in spring training. The Mets made the mistake of sticking with Daniel Vogelbach despite a poor showing in the preseason, but at least he was good for them in the 2022 regular season after coming over from the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Stearns has already admitted to one failure. By designating Michael Tonkin for assignment, he declared the free agent signing of him a lost cause. Good in-season management or cutthroat? Whichever label we give it, Stearns acts quickly and made the team better with this move. This is coming from someone who really liked the Tonkin signing, too. Save some of that rotten fruit for my face, please.

The lack of thinking twice about DFA’ing Tonkin should have others on notice. If they don’t perform, they too could face dismissal. The aftershock could vary. Players with guaranteed money might not mind so much while some of those whose careers are in jeopardy with one more release could feel a bigger quake.