Mets Monday Morning GM: 3 steps to take at the DH spot

Apr 25, 2023; New York City, New York, USA; New York Mets designated hitter Daniel Vogelbach (32)
Apr 25, 2023; New York City, New York, USA; New York Mets designated hitter Daniel Vogelbach (32) / Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

The DH spot on the New York Mets roster and in the everyday lineup has become one of the most contested. It’s a bit ironic because anyone can fill it. The Mets have continually chosen to put Daniel Vogelbach into the spot whenever they face a right-handed pitcher regardless of how others are performing.

With Vogelbach on the roster, they do need to play him. Otherwise, why keep him at all? He’s essentially a left-handed pinch hitter who has a job with a National League team right now because of the universal DH. Reverse adding it and he’s not in anyone’s starting lineup on a regular enough basis.

The frustration of Vogelbach and the handling of the DH spot practically since its inception at the start of the 2022 season is something driving Mets fans insane. The club has yet to find any consistency there. What steps can they take to get the most from it?

The first step for the Mets is to top starting Daniel Vogelbach all of the time

Here’s an idea: let Vogelbach not play against every single right-handed pitcher if he doesn’t deserve it. Without fail, Vogelbach sneaks into every Mets lineup. It doesn’t matter if he’s hot or cold, he gets in there as long as the pitcher the team is facing didn’t have the left-handedness scared out of him as a child. Let’s try something new. We may have seen this first step take place on Saturday against the Colorado Rockies.

Vogelbach shouldn’t be an automatic just because of the arm the opposing pitcher throws with. He’s a part-time player. Treat him like one. Mix in as many different players as you can.

The second step is for the Mets to make a decision on Daniel Vogelbach, maybe some other players

Tommy Pham can at least play the outfield. Eduardo Escobar can play all over the infield, too. They have a spot on the Mets bench. Our issue with them is how much the two continue to play. It’s Vogelbach whose limitations are holding the Mets back. They need to make a decision on him or maybe one of the other reasonable DFA candidates.

Struggles from Mark Canha and even Starling Marte have hindered the Mets greatly and taken away the protective guard these lesser players would have worn. Distrust in Canha as the everyday left fielder has led to more starts out of Pham. June is coming up fast and the schedule gets a lot harder. A decision needs to be made.

The third step is to find a legitimate starter to add at the trade deadline

Finally, we arrive at the trade deadline on August 1. By then, the Mets should have a better idea of what any of the babies can give them. Is Mark Vientos actually a realistic everyday DH option? Has Brett Baty kept his starting third base gig? Can the club carry three catchers with Francisco Alvarez and Omar Narvaez sharing some catcher duties? There are so many directions to go. And rather than load up with another player limited to DH duties, look for a corner outfielder or starting utility man to add to the roster.

The Mets have more than enough DH candidates already on the ball club. They can definitely add another but he shouldn’t be the kind of player in the Nelson Cruz or J.D. Martinez category. Get someone who brings their glove to the ballpark and doesn’t tamper with roster creativity. Find the right guy and Vogelbach may even be able to stick around as a pinch-hitter and occasional starter in the role.