Mets Monday Morning GM: A mistake we don’t want repeated with Christian Scott

The Mets need to know what they have in Christian Scott as a big league pitcher this season.
Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Mets
Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Mets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

Almost a full two years have gone by since the infamous 2022 New York Mets trade deadline which left most of us underwhelmed. They had the National League East by the throat only to let it slip away to the Atlanta Braves.

Among the criticisms to come from this summer was the lack of at-bats given to several of the DH options. Francisco Alvarez, Brett Baty, and Mark Vientos all got their chances to play in the big leagues but only on a limited basis. The Mets didn’t even try testing out Alvarez or Vientos in the DH spot prior to the trade deadline while hoping to catch some lightning in a bottle. Instead, we were mistreated with a platoon of Daniel Vogelbach and Darin Ruf.

The Mets could be on the path to making a similar mistake in 2024. With Christian Scott sitting in the minor leagues, they need to find out for sure if he’s going to be a part of a potential playoff run or someone they hold back for next season.

The Mets are being cautious with Christian Scott like they have with plenty of other prospects

Maybe the biggest trade deadline need of all for the Mets is a starting pitcher. A real stud. One who’ll have opposing hitters moving to another country and changing their names. Without some sort of massive improvement in the rotation, the Mets are going to, at best, get lucky for a playoff round then find themselves against a superior opponent. Their rotation is deep in terms of options. Where they come up short is talent.

The bold promotion for Scott earlier this season indicated the Mets would operate differently. However, upon the return from the IL for Tylor Megill and David Peterson, he has been bounced out of the picture. The team hasn’t had the need for a six-man rotation thanks to plenty of off-days. This shouldn’t stop them from promoting Scott back to the majors and figuring out exactly what role, if any, he can have.

We’re not beyond the point of no return where the Mets have frivolously wasted precious innings from Scott in the minors. Although, we’re getting a bit closer. Thanks to their recent winning streak it’s not much of an issue. Nonetheless, Scott has shown guts on the mound and the ability to go deep into games. This remains a weakness of several Mets starting pitchers. While they attempt to manage his innings in the minor leagues, the big league club might want to consider earning a few victories with him on the mound rather than coming up short and saving him for when they’ve already fallen out of the playoff race.

An upcoming schedule with no days off should be enough for the Mets to summon him back from Syracuse.