Mets Monday Morning GM: Chris Bassitt quote proves he is more bulldog than hound

New York Mets v Washington Nationals
New York Mets v Washington Nationals / Greg Fiume/GettyImages

Chris Bassitt made his New York Mets debut on Saturday night. He went six, struck out 8, and allowed only 3 hits without a run crossing the plate. It was a superb start to the season for a guy fans are embracing as “The Hound.”

However, the performance and a quote of Bassitt’s after the game showed he is far more bulldog than hound.

Was this guy meant for New York or what?

How did Mets pitcher Chris Bassitt fly so low under the radar these past two seasons?

Playing with the Oakland Athletics for the last few years certainly didn’t help put the name Chris Bassitt in anyone’s vocabulary. Even though the team has been relatively good in recent seasons, Bassitt was never the story out there.

Late to blossom, Bassitt was still starting and relieving as recently as 2019. He showed positive signs in 2018 and 2019 with Oakland before putting together an eighth-place Cy Young season in 2020. We are all fully aware how weird that year was on and off the diamond. However, Bassitt silenced plenty of critics with a fabulous 2021 campaign where he finished ten in the Cy Young chase.

Thinking about Bassitt winning the award this year is a little premature. One good debut shouldn’t put him on the radar just yet. What we do know from his performance combined with this latest quote and a previous one he had about his contract situation, this man eats, drinks, and moisturizes baseball.

Bassitt has a great mentality plenty of Mets fans will come to further appreciate. He’s a bit understated like Jacob deGrom yet also not afraid to speak up. I don’t think Bassitt would ever use a Billy Crystal first pitch as an excuse as to why he didn’t do well. That’s not his style. He’s a bullhound ready to bury the opponent in the backyard.

He is scheduled to make his next start on Friday for the Mets’ home opener. It’s not Max Scherzer but Mets fans don’t have reason to howl.

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