Mets Monday Morning GM: It was still a good trade with the Brewers

The big Mets trade with the Brewers this offseason was still a very good one.
New York Mets v San Francisco Giants
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Yeah, Adrian Houser hasn’t been good. A demotion to the bullpen puts him one step closer to finishing the season with another team. Brought over by the New York Mets in a trade with the Milwaukee Brewers, it seemed like an absolute win for David Stearns when it became official.

Today? It still does.

The Mets still made a very good trade with the Brewers

Anytime you can trade a mid-level prospect, in this case Coleman Crow, for two major league players you’re in pretty good shape. Add in that Crow is recovering from Tommy John surgery and it seems like upright thievery. Houser could very well end up losing more games for the Mets than he wins, but as far as the trade goes, it still looks good for New York because of what it cost and the performance they’ve received from the other player, Tyrone Taylor.

While Houser was a rental the Brewers wanted to rid themselves of for a cheaper alternative, Taylor was more of an odd-man-out in their outfield. His minor league options were exhausted. A somewhat limited player with a poor average, unsatisfying OBP numbers, and viewed more as a platoon guy, we can understand why Milwaukee may have had preferences for younger and/or more affordable options.

This still doesn’t make it a wise decision to trade him nor does it take away from anything the Mets have gotten from Taylor thus far. Playing regularly at all three outfield positions and even being an equal to Harrison Bader in production, New York is reaping the benefits of having him on their roster.

Not to be overlooked, Taylor stands out from many of the other Mets offseason additions because of the number of years of control he has left. Earning a little over $2 million this season, the Mets have two more years of arbitration eligibility with Taylor. An awesome fourth outfielder thus far with the ability to fill in nicely for a lengthy period as a starter, if the trade was simply Taylor for Crow it’s just as good.