Mets Monday Morning GM: 3 ways Billy Eppler can redeem himself at the trade deadline

Billy Eppler can redeem himself for last year's trade deadline mistakes with any of these types of moves.
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3) NY Mets GM Billy Eppler can redeem himself by adding a big piece for next season

Fully believing the Mets will be trade deadline sellers, the only other way for Eppler to redeem himself at this year’s trade deadline (other than a miraculous buy) is to load at least one more piece into the chamber for next season. The ball club picked up Trevor Gott in a surprise move with the Seattle Mariners shortly after sending Eduardo Escobar to the Los Angeles Angels. They’re making deals and should consider some options to help them next year.

This means putting their hat in the ring to acquire any available guys with control through at least 2024. They should probably aim for even more control because they’d be paying to have a guy around through the end of 2023 for no real purpose.

The two spots the Mets should consider adding a controllable player are in the rotation and the bullpen. Either place could use a little boost. With the full expectations Carlos Carrasco will be gone before the end of the day on August 1, there will be some innings there.

More important is finding a reliable bullpen arm; someone on the same tier as Gott. The Mets don’t necessarily have to take on and eat a contract like they did with Chris Flexen. Swapping someone who is years away for a player who can immediately help them is what they need to mull over.

Chances are we won’t see too much immediate redemption from Eppler. Some of the trades he does make could turn out to be more promising in the future.