Mets Monday Morning GM: The best starting pitching depth built in baseball

New York Mets v Milwaukee Brewers
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It’s confirmed, or at least planned, for what the New York Mets will do with Tylor Megill and David Peterson. Rather than stash one away in the bullpen and maybe get a little creative with how they’re used, the team at least hopes to have the pair ready to start games in 2023.

This is no different than how the Mets originally assigned the pair last season. However, Megill ended up in the rotation and as the Opening Day starter when Jacob deGrom hit the IL. Peterson was utilized as the emergency starter regularly, often a choice between him or Trevor Williams.

The beauty of this is the Mets now officially have the best starting pitcher depth in baseball. Their top five might not be the greatest, although it is close to the top. But find a team with seven pitchers who belong on the MLB roster starting games. Many clubs don’t even have five.

The Mets didn’t settle this offseason and it gives them backups to the backups

Beyond Megill and Peterson, the Mets can utilize Joey Lucchesi in similar fashion. He is coming off of Tommy John Surgery so he may be a little more of a wild card. Preferably, I might prefer to see what he can do as a lefty reliever instead.

The expected long-man out of the bullpen, Elieser Hernandez, is more standard for what teams will have on their rosters for starting pitcher depth. He doesn’t quite push the Mets over the top when compared to other clubs. Nevertheless, it’s good to have him available.

Having this kind of rotational depth is essential to a club whose youngest starter, Kodai Senga, is 30. He’s also the one we’re the least sure about being durable enough due to the workload he is used to. There is a ton of mileage on the starting five’s shoulders and elbows. Having Megill and Peterson stretched out and ready to go is what will help them get through this year.

It will be interesting to see how often the Mets actually plan out starts for the pair throughout the season. They’ll be forced to ask for help after an injury. Will there be times when one gets promoted for active duty just to give everyone else an extra day of rest?

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