Mets Monday Morning GM: 5 worst moves and decisions Billy Eppler made

Billy Eppler's time with the Mets included several question moves and decisions.
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2) The Omar Narvaez free agent signing

Will this go down as Eppler's worst free agent signing with the Mets? It depends on how you grade all of the factors. Omar Narvaez is more of a lock to end up as the most inconsequential signing under Eppler. Compared to Eduardo Escobar who gave the Mets something in 2022, the Max Scherzer addition that disappointed yet delivered more often than not, and the Starling Marte contract that's beginning to give off a smell the neighbors have noticed, this deal is the most inferior.

Narvaez hit .211/.283/.297 for the Mets in his 146 trips to the plate. He was injured for most of the year and by the time he did rejoin them from the IL, Francisco Alvarez had made his presence known as the unquestioned starter behind the plate. Where does this leave Narvaez? He got to take on the backup role while making starter money.

What makes this signing most frustrating is the player option for 2024. We can excuse one year. A mutual or team option for 2024 could've worked, too. Not today. This one is all up to Narvaez, yet another expensive free agent catcher who isn't cutting it in the lineup.

Did Eppler have this little faith in Francisco Alvarez? It would seem to be the case. You don’t offer Narvaez a chance to return in 2024 unless you believe Alvarez is going to take a while.