Mets Monday Morning GM: 3 surprise moves David Stearns could make before Opening Day

Logical in their own way, it would still come as a surprise to see the Mets make any of these moves before the season begins.
Miami Marlins v New York Mets - Game One
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3) The Mets would surprise us by adding another starting pitcher

The least conceivable surprise of all would involve the Mets adding another starting pitcher. Not just any starting pitcher. Revisiting something such as last year’s addition of Dylan Bundy, a known veteran who didn’t make the MLB roster at any point, can easily happen. What about a more major addition?

The Mets have a starting five locked in plus several depth pieces we’d expect to get starts in case of an injury. Is the starting rotation one of the best in baseball? You’d need to dive deep into stats and spin the narrative to think so.

Perhaps the only way this could happen is if the Mets were to trade away Jose Quintana. Thought of as a trade chip long before this season even got started, upgrading him would be a power move by the Mets. Dylan Cease is still out there. Could Jordan Montgomery’s asking price come down enough? What about, dare we say, Blake Snell?

Although the Mets have continued to spend in free agency, a trade scenario for a pitcher who has suddenly become available seems to be the one way they could add another starter. The Seattle Mariners have plenty of young and affordable arms. The problem is the price on pitching has skyrocketed and the Mets haven’t indicated any interest in subtracting a significant piece from their farm system. 

That’s why it would be a surprise for the Mets to make such a move. As much as they’re keen to keep the top prospects, the right deal can change everything.

For what it's worth, there is one obvious free agent for the Mets to pursue. Brandon Woodruff, what's your price?