Mets Monday Morning GM: 3 offseason decisions that helped lead to the 2023 trade deadline sell-off

The ongoing Mets trade deadline sell-off is partly to blame on several front office decisions.

San Francisco Giants v New York Mets
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3) The NY Mets trade deadline fire sale is the result of trusting players to repeat their 2022 performance

It was negligent of the front office to think the offense could repeat their success in 2022 this year while not making a significant stride to get even better. There was no backup plan in place. Between Eduardo Escobar, Mark Canha, and Starling Marte we should’ve expected one to regress. All three did.

The Mets offense definitely had questions heading into the year. Notably, it was the lack of power we were all worried about. However, this hasn’t been such an issue. Pete Alonso continues to smack home runs even in a year where he hasn’t done much else. Francisco Lindor is hammering long balls. Francisco Alvarez hasn’t been shy about whipping out his home run trot either.

This offseason decision goes beyond hitting for power. Adam Ottavino was never going to repeat his 2022 results. Not even Edwin Diaz, if we were able to experience him in 2023, would’ve had the kind of year all over again. Max Scherzer’s drop was the toughest to imagine. He splattered on the ground this year from a height he elevated himself to in one of the best-pitched years in Mets history last season. It’s just a shame we’re all going to remember him most for shrinking late in the year and in the playoffs and then leaving midway through year number two.

Complacency is the word. This is how the Mets front office behaved. The players may have felt it a bit, too.

Patting yourself on the back is fine, but save it for after a parade.