Mets Monday Morning GM: 3 offseason decisions that helped lead to the 2023 trade deadline sell-off

The ongoing Mets trade deadline sell-off is partly to blame on several front office decisions.
San Francisco Giants v New York Mets
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2) The NY Mets trade deadline fire sale happened because the offense wasn’t improved

The only player the Mets brought in this offseason who provided the offense with any sort of spark was Tommy Pham. A fourth outfielder shouldn’t be the lift this team needed and yet it’s the only place they managed to improve.

Eppler did sign Omar Narvaez to improve the offense from the catcher spot which has turned into a complete waste of an addition. He got hurt early and as it turns out, Francisco Alvarez was ready for the starting gig.

The most serious problem with the Mets offense comes down to their trust in Daniel Vogelbach being the answer. The left-handed hitting DH fits on the Mets roster like a glove does on a foot. You can force it and make it work but there is a better solution; like a sock.

One big bat might not have been enough, but add in an improved bullpen arm and the Mets feel a whole lot better. Carlos Correa nearly became the big swing of the offseason. By the time we thought he was headed to the Mets, free agency had dried up. Outside of a trade, the opportunity to make an obvious upgrade had passed by.

The front office trusted the returning players. And that’s probably where they made the biggest mistake of all.