Mets Monday Morning GM: 3 flavors of David Stearns Kool-Aid worth sipping from

Quench your thirst and buy into these flavors of Kool-Aid David Stearns has served us.

New York Mets pitchers and catchers report in at Clover field in Port St. Lucie for the start of
New York Mets pitchers and catchers report in at Clover field in Port St. Lucie for the start of / ERIC HASERT/TCPALM / USA TODAY NETWORK
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David Stearns is going to get a lot of leeway because of his reputation. From the moment he joined the organization, the excitement was palpable. Finally, after lots of searching, the New York Mets had a brain in the front office we believed in fully to make the necessary moves to win a championship.

Loyal Stearns followers can make even the most inconsequential move look like baseball mastery. How well he hit or missed this offseason will be driven by the results. In the meantime, all we can do is choose to guzzle from the Kool-Aid or not.

There are some fans we’ve already refused to take a sip and have no faith in this coming year. But if you’re feeling a little parched, these three flavors of David Stearns Kool-Aid are worth sipping from.

1) Mets fans can sip from Cheap DH Cherry Blast

Stearns won’t be forgiven if the DH situation ends up being one of the factors to hold the Mets back in 2024. The good thing for him is that there isn’t another place on the field where you can get better. Any hitter can play this part and he can be replaced defensively by someone else.

As much as the Mets should’ve been targeting more proven veterans for the everyday DH gig, it’s worth sipping from the Cheap DH Cherry Blast he has served us. The Mets need to discover whether or not Mark Vientos is a part of their future. The best time to do this was at the end of last year. A promising final month of the season, unfortunately, didn’t provide enough of an answer. Handing him as many at-bats to begin this year is an acceptable beverage to serve given how the club handled the rest of the roster.

There will be available moves for the Mets to make if this goes haywire. Beyond just the major league roster, players such as Ji-Man Choi and Luke Voit can become options. How good they can be is up for debate. Look more toward the Mets landing a DH at the trade deadline if they find themselves in the position to buy.

You can either complain that you’re thirsty or guzzle down a cup of this flavor.