Mets Monday Morning GM: 3 biggest concerns with the moves David Stearns has made

They're concerns we shouldn't expect to go away either.
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The New York Mets went into the offseason with concerns as will any team. David Stearns has successfully addressed several areas. He has improved the defense to a level where there’s little to question about any possible ninth inning alignments. The problem is getting there often enough with the lead.

Other concerns linger. Looking exclusively at the moves the Mets did make rather than the ones they haven’t or passed on, these are the three biggest worries.

1) The Mets are banking on more oft-injured players to stay healthy than they already were

The oft-injured players added to the Mets roster this offseason go beyond Luis Severino and Harrison Bader. The latter, in particular, has struggled to stay on the field throughout his major league career. It’s only recently where Severino has become a player where getting hurt has become an annual event.

The worries shouldn’t stop with them. Kodai Senga signed with the Mets with an injury history already from his days playing in Japan. Jose Quintana spent several years hurt and after a fantastic 2022 campaign where health was on his side, missed half of year one with the Mets.

In the starting lineup, we should all be worried about how much Starling Marte will play let alone how productive he’ll even be while in the lineup. There doesn’t appear, at least not yet, to be much of a backup plan if he goes down other than a lot more DJ Stewart and getting to know Tyrone Taylor very well.

Injuries are impossible to prevent and we cannot fault the Mets for signing guys who’ve been hurt. The problem is it seems like they’re stockpiling them onto a roster with major ones already. What’s more, their next rotation addition might fit into this concern as well. Talent is useless if it spends the year on the IL.