Mets Monday Morning GM: 3 best free agent starting pitchers we could realistically expect

The free agent well is dry for starting pitching with these three as the best realistic choices.

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3) Brad Keller

Longtime Kansas City Royals pitcher Brad Keller remains available and without all that much in the way of rumors as to where he could land. He appeared in only 45.1 innings for the Royals last year due to an injury which took away most of his chance to build a big year right before hitting the open market.

At 28-years-old, Keller is someone whose age should work in his favor when it comes to getting a job. Obviously a candidate best suited for a minor league contract, he’s someone the Mets should look into for some starter depth or even for some relief innings.

Keller has a lifetime 4.27 ERA in the majors but has gone over this total in each of the last three seasons. A somewhat high walk ratio and a low strikeout one in his career, Keller has relied on groundballs for outs more than anything else. The 51.8% is impressive but it hasn’t exactly translated into much success.  The batted average of balls in play against him is at .301. This high total comes in large part to how few outs he gets via strikeout.

Signing Keller would go against the grain of many other offseason pitching additions by the Mets. Less than two weeks from St. Patrick’s Day, he’s still one of the best we could realistically expect the Mets to land.