Mets Monday Morning GM: About 2 weeks to fill 2 major needs

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The New York Mets have a little over two weeks to address two big needs on their roster. It’s no mystery. You don’t need to call up Scooby and the gang to unmask a ghoul and find out it’s old-man left-handed reliever or the power bat that owns the “haunted carnival” to figure out what it is they’ll be in the market for.

As valuable as it could be for the Mets to add to their starting pitching depth, they might be limited to only adding guys with minor league options. The team has gotten good starts from David Peterson and Trevor Williams all season. Having them, and hopefully Tylor Megill at some point later this year, gives them a leg up on what most teams have behind the starting five.

Tyler Mahle, Kyle Freeland, and some other possible trade candidates with minor league options might be possible. However, they don’t compare to the lefty reliever and power bat missing from this team all year long.

The Mets have 2 weeks to fill 2 major needs

How do the Mets fill these needs? Left-handed relievers are out there ready to get traded. Every July and August they are some of the most popular players in the league, for a change.

The Mets wouldn’t be wise to overpay for a lefty reliever, though. It’s not the kind of piece you add and throw away a top prospect. Relievers are far too fickle to give up an abundance of minor league talent. If the price for someone like Joe Mantiply becomes too high due to his All-Star status, you pivot elsewhere.

The DH spot is far more interesting because of how vast the field options is. Do the Mets stick with one of the more traditional DH candidates like Nelson Cruz? The other choice would be to target someone who can at least do more than play first base. An outfielder might be ideal to give them a little more depth out there in any “just in case” scenario.

The Mets have managed to get this far with the same trade deadline upgrades on their wish list. The only thing that can change it is an injury. Even then, it’ll only add to what Billy Eppler must acquire.

During the All-Star Break, there is a brief pause in the minds of many fans as to what may lie ahead for their club. General managers, however, get to see a showcase of some of the best players in the league altogether on a single field.

Let the frenzy resume after Pete Alonso wins the Home Run Derby and the Midsummer Classic gets put in the rearview.

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