Mets Monday Morning GM: 5 future starting pitcher Christmas gifts we'd like to receive

Merry Christmas! Here's our wish list for next year's rotation.
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1) Corbin Burnes

Easily the best fit for the Mets starting rotation, Corbin Burnes almost seems destined to land with the Mets next winter. With no extension insight from the Milwaukee Brewers, Burnes should become available and the Mets need to bring him over.

Among all of the pitchers on this list, Burnes is probably the one most Mets fans will agree is the one to go out and get. Although the length of his success in the big leagues is a little shorter than some of these other names, he is among the younger ones and on the more dominant side.

Burnes has had some interesting league-leading statistics over the last three years. He had the best ERA in 2021 when he won the Cy Young. He had the most strikeouts in 2022. Last season, it was his WHIP that was the best in the National League. How should we interpret this? I take it as Burnes can do different things well enough to put him among the best pitchers in baseball. He is fully capable of winning a Triple Crown for pitchers.

A reunion with David Stearns is an easy story to write. He already showed us by acquiring Adrian Houser and Tyrone Taylor that he could have a tendency to go after players he’s familiar with already. None would be a bigger free agent splash than doing so with Burnes.