Mets Monday Morning GM: 5 future starting pitcher Christmas gifts we'd like to receive

Merry Christmas! Here's our wish list for next year's rotation.
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4) Zack Wheeler

If your dream is a Zack Wheeler reunion, we should be worried about the Philadelphia Phillies extending him before he reaches that stage. Wheeler has morphed into one of the league’s best starters since leaving New York. He was already well on his way to showcasing those abilities upon his departure. However, management thought otherwise.

There’s no real need to rehash how excellent Wheeler has been for the rival Phillies. Why ruin Christmas morning? Instead, let’s focus on what could be.

Wheeler becomes a free agent right before his age 35 season which will make him even older than Cole who by this point feels ancient. The Mets would be buying into some of those later 30s or even early 40s years with Wheeler. While relatively healthy with the Phillies, it’s always a concern.

It doesn’t so much matter that signing Wheeler would be a reunion. He’s a superb pitcher any team should want on their roster. Barring some more serious signs of decline in 2024, he’s a Christmas gift we should ask for.