How the Mets can score an 'A' at the MLB Winter Meetings without signing Yoshinobu Yamamoto

World Baseball Classic Semifinals: Mexico v Japan
World Baseball Classic Semifinals: Mexico v Japan / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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2. The Mets filling the DH role with a big time power hitter

It was no secret for the Mets in 2023 that their designated hitter hole in their lineup was never consistent. Their primary hitter in that position, Daniel Vogelbach did not produce like the Mets could have hoped for as he only slashed .233 in 275 at-bats and only drove in 64 runs. And with the Mets deciding not to bring him back, there are definitely options for the Mets to fill this spot.

Even though they did decide to bring DJ Stewart back who played well in that spot hitting 11 home runs in 160 at-bats, the Mets still need to upgrade. From free agents like Jorge Soler and J. D. Martinez, these players could suit the position well as the designated hitter. Soler when he played for the rival Marlins hit 36 home runs in his 504 at-bats and when Martinez played in his only season for the Los Angeles Dodgers also had a great year with the bat driving in 103 runs and slugging his way to 33 home runs.

The Mets are in dire need of fixing this hole in their lineup. Ever since the MLB implemented the DH role for both the AL and the NL, the Mets never had someone who could fit this spot well. Dom Smith never panned out well, Darin Ruf was a move that never should have been made and Vogelbach was just never consistent. So, if New York wants to leave the Winter Meetings happy, improving this position is a must.