3 trade deadline disasters that prove the Mets were right to sell

These three MLB trade deadline disasters proved the Mets got it right.
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The Los Angeles Angels became buyers instead of trading away Shohei Ohtani, and might lose him for nothing as a result

The Los Angeles Angels went for it at the trade deadline, becoming major buyers and trying to build a playoff worthy team around Shohei Ohtani. Instead, the team has fallen further out of contention over the past month, and might see Ohtani in a new uniform next season with nothing to show for it.

Of course, it's hard to blame the Angels aggression at the deadline for their misfortunes. They've suffered through countless injuries, with Mike Trout missing extended time and Ohtani's torn UCL being the major lowlights. Just about every player they've had in their starting lineup has had an IL stint, and the team went 8-19 in August to virtually eliminate them from the playoffs

The team also recently waived most of their deadline acquisitions as a sign that they've given up on the season. Just weeks after trading away some notable prospects to get Lucas Giolito and Reynaldo Lopez, they already appear to have given up and let those players find new teams to save some money.

However, now that it looks likely Ohtani will leave in free agency this offseason, the Angels front office has to wonder if they should've taken the Mets approach instead. Even on a one year deal, Ohtani would've created possibly the largest bidding war in baseball history. Every single contender could've used his services, and instead of bidding on him in the trade market, they'll be doing it in free agency while they Angels could be on the outside looking in.