Where do the Mets belong in this week's MLB Power Rankings?

New York Mets v Arizona Diamondbacks
New York Mets v Arizona Diamondbacks / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

The MLB Power Rankings are going to change drastically from week to week with only a few games into the year. From a single series to the next, a team can make a huge leap or completely fall apart. The New York Mets, however, seem to have found a cozy spot near the top.

In this week’s MLB Power Rankings put together over at Fansided.com, I made sure to acknowledge this. The Mets have done enough to prove themselves as one of the best in baseball.

Where did they stack up among the thirty? I awarded the Mets with a number three spot.

The Mets have a well-deserved spot at number three this week on the MLB Power Rankings

The only two teams placed ahead of the Mets were the Los Angeles Dodgers (1) and Toronto Blue Jays (2). Those two clubs have both been more successful in recent years, began the year with better rosters, and play in superior divisions. This isn’t to discount a single thing the Mets have accomplished so far. In two weeks when the list is updated, with the pace they’re playing, a number one spot is conceivable.

Any doubts that this Mets team would fall short of expectations should be brushed aside for the moment. They’re winning a whole lot of games without their number one starter, Jacob deGrom. They haven’t been dominant either. The roster still has holes.

Fortunately, any of their minor weaknesses aren’t showing so much because of how poorly the rest of the division has played. The National League East, despite having the defending champion Atlanta Braves in it, has been getting steamrolled by teams from other divisions. The Braves and Philadelphia Phillies should eventually pick up the pace a little bit. In the meantime, the Mets should just keep winning series and put as much distance between them and their two top competitors.

Starting pitching has been the greatest weapon of all for the Mets this year with some improvements from the starting lineup aiding them in wins. Something like a power ranking is subjective and based on everything from wins and run differential to what the roster looks like and what direction the club appears to be heading toward.

The Mets are steady right now. Lucky to face some tomato can teams early in the season, they have already taken care of business against the tough San Francisco Giants and will get their shot to prove themselves further in St. Louis against the Cardinals.

The Cardinals, by the way, ranked fourth on my list. This is going to be a fun series.

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