Predicting which Mets pitcher has the first MLB pitch clock violation

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With spring training well underway, we finally are getting a glimpse at all of the new rules that are set in place for the upcoming season. Perhaps the most notable new rule and the most controversial one is the brand-new pitch clock. It has been one already causing a little bit of chaos for members of the New York Mets pitching staff.

If you don't know what it is already, the brand new pitch clock is used to speed up the pace of play as a pitcher must deliver the next pitch within a given amount of time depending on the circumstances in an effort to speed up the game. So with this new rule in place and seeing it affect many pitchers all across the MLB, here is why Mets starting pitcher Max Scherzer will be the first Met to have a pitch clock violation.

Why Max Scherzer will be the first Met to have a pitch clock violation

At the start of spring training, Scherzer talked about how he thinks pitchers will have an advantage with the pitch clock. But after a shaky spring training start Scherzer had back on March 3, he expressed his displeasure on how the umpires handle the pitch clock, and based on the outing he had in that game, makes me think he will be the first Met to be the victim of a pitch clock violation.

The main reason why he will be the first is mainly by how much time he takes to get into his motion and how he sets up his pitches. To be more specific, after each strikeout Mad Max makes, he takes a long stroll around the pitcher's mound while he waits for the ball to come his way and also at some points, takes off his hat to wipe some sweat and for those who have watched Scherzer pitch for a long time, the way he gets set takes an extended period of time.

Plus, going back to his start on March 3 against the Washington Nationals, at one point in the game, Scherzer was stopped mid-motion before the umpire called time to reset the clock which prompted the umpire to call a balk on Scherzer. Another moment in that game happened when Scherzer let the pitch clock go all the way down to seven seconds which prompted the batter he was facing, Victor Robles to call time which again got Scherzer out of his rhythm.

This is definitely going to be a unique experience for pitchers everywhere across major league baseball and pitch clock violations will for sure happen all season long. But if there is any pitcher who will be most affected by this new rule on the New York Mets, it will be Max Scherzer.

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