4 Mets mistakes fans want to see David Stearns clean up

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4) Define a stable long-term Mets plan instead of changing plans each year

The lack of identifying talent and knowing what the Mets have within their organization has led them to suffer from an inability to project long-term. For years we have seen the team change direction between competing for a championship to starting a slight rebuild and competing again.

Changes in direction bring instability to the organization as a whole. From planning, management, and decision-making, to focusing on production on the playing field. This has been evidenced even more recently with Steve Cohen's drastic decision changes regarding the team.

The fault is not Cohen's. As an owner, he has had the necessary resources to foster the development of his organization on and off the field of play.

Without firm and correct direction within baseball operations, a team cannot seriously plan about where it is and where to migrate shortly. In this regard, Billy Eppler had the necessary support to prosecute the team, something in which he failed masterfully.

Now the team has the arrival of a baseball executive with impressive management skills. Who led a small market, underperforming organization to multiple postseasons and put together a core of players that continue to show results to this day.

David Stearns will bring to the Mets something that has been missing in recent years, a long-term plan for the organization. Whether it is a rebuild or a winning mode now, the team cannot continue making the mistake of carrying temporary and contradictory messages, Stearns will provide stability that will allow the future of the Queens team to be correctly projected.