4 Mets mistakes fans want to see David Stearns clean up

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2) The Mets will build a stable coaching staff

Another element in which the Mets have not been able to be consistent over time has been the coaching staff. For several seasons, the Mets have had radical coaching changes, especially in the hitting area.

The Mets have had several hitting coaches, each with their form and indication of what approach to take at the plate. The constant change of direction creates confusion and stress among hitters in the Mets lineup season after season, something that has been widely criticized.

J.D. Davis has been one of the latest critics of this system within the Mets organization, which he has defined as a lack of stability. The former Mets super-utility man argued that: "it wasn't only me. There were a lot of guys in the clubhouse that felt like they were in survival mode."

This criticism came after the firing of Chili Davis, who has had two changes in hitting coaches in three seasons. Currently, the problem has become even more acute.

After a successful 2022 season in terms of hitting, the Mets traded Eric Chavez for Jeremy Barnes, who modified the team's approach at the plate, hurting the team's offensive production. These recurring cases in the Mets organization prove the inefficiency of the baseball operations areas in maintaining a stable core of coaches on the team.

In this sense, Stearns is known for being an executive with an eye for the selection of coaches and a stable person in his decisions. Craig Counsell and his team of coaches have maintained a certain degree of stability in the Brewers, creating with the baseball analytics and sports science areas guidelines to improve the team's batting, pitching, and individual and collective defense.

Stearns will not only bring his extensive knowledge of the game to bear on recruiting and developing talent. The new POBO of the Mets has the expertise to create a group of coaches that provide stable direction to the players, promoting the best talent of each of them.