2 Mets minor leaguers whose stock went up in spring training, 2 who saw theirs drop

A pair of Mets minor leaguers raised their stock way up this spring and another two saw theirs drop some.
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Mets lefty reliever Nate Lavender is on everyone’s radar

If Nate Lavender didn’t catch your attention last year, he’s a name you’re now familiar with. The lefty showcased his abilities in front of a larger audience this spring. Although the anticipation for Scott is much larger, Lavender has the clearer path to major league action.

In only 3 innings of work, Lavender struck out 7 batters. He didn’t allow a hit or a walk. Lavender was as immaculate as it gets. Cries for him to make the Opening Day roster didn’t fall on deaf ears. It was just not part of the plan. 

Destined to spend at least a little time in the minors, Lavender should be more than an option to replace Brooks Raley or Jake Diekman on the roster. He excelled last year against lefties and righties. He’s not just a southpaw replacement for an injured lefty.

A catchy name to go along with this dazzling spring performance should have him coming up constantly in conversations among Mets fans if any of the relievers falter. The great part about it is he’s not some scrapheap pickup like many bullpen additions tend to be. Lavender is homegrown and a guy who could end up as an asset for many more years to come.