Mets' 15th round draft pick Wyatt Young is a hitting machine in Triple-A

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The New York Mets have a lot of notable prospects and last year’s 15th round draft pick Wyatt Young is likely not one you or anyone you know was all that familiar with. It’s okay. Until scouring the stat logs for the Syracuse Mets down in Triple-A, this 22-year-old from Hawaii was someone who had slipped through the cracks of my attention, too.

Young has gone all the way from Single-A up to Triple-A this year despite some meager numbers at the two lower levels. However, since joining Syracuse, he has been absolutely on fire.

Through 84 trips to the plate, Young has slashed .352/.446/.437 with 3 doubles and a home run. A middle infielder swapping innings at shortstop and second base, his quick rise and stellar performance is something to take note of.

While Wyatt Young might not be an official Mets prospect, he is making a case to become one

The term “prospect” generally refers to people with high expectations for the major leaguers. There’s a different between an average minor leaguer and a prospect. At least upon entering this year, Young was not one in the Mets system.

Young is already tied for the Syracuse team lead in hits with 25 despite playing in fewer games than guys who have been with the team all year-long. On a club without much offense to speak of, he has been an incredible offensive performer for the Triple-A squad.

One promising number of note for Young aside from the batting average is the number of walks he has drawn. With 11 bases on balls compared to 13 strikeouts in Triple-A, he appears to have a good eye. This was the case in his final year at Pepperdine in 2021 when he drew 22 walks while striking out 23 times in 222 trips to the plate.

Are we ready to add him to the 40-man roster? Absolutely not. Should we add his name to our dialect of Mets minor league players? Grab a pen and write it in.

The Mets have somehow put together a pretty solid list of players from Hawaii. Ron Darling, Sid Fernandez, and Benny Agbayani are the three most well-known but they’ve also had others, including Jordan Yamamoto who is still with the organization.

Pay close attention to Young, Mets fans. He could be the next prospect no one saw coming.

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