5 Mets minor league predictions for the 2022 season

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We finally learn the true destination for Ronny Mauricio

I don’t have commitment issues with much else other than what lies ahead for Ronny Mauricio. On one hand, I want to dismiss him and put faith in other prospects. On the other, I know better.

What I will predict for Mauricio in 2022 are answers. This is the year we finally know for sure what direction he’s headed in. There’s no more speculation or trying to turn him into a center fielder—unless that’s the strange path he ends up taking. Nope. This year, I’m predicting Mauricio is either with the Mets and has a direct line to a position or he’s with a different organization.

The natural spot where we can expect Mauricio to play might be second base. The Jeff McNeil trade rumors open up the possibility for the Mets to turn him into a second baseman full time. Francisco Lindor isn’t moving off of shortstop anytime soon. Considering Robinson Cano’s age, it’s the most logical place we can expect him to play regularly once he does reach the big leagues.

There is a big “but” here and I cannot lie—Mauricio may always end up getting traded.

I don’t think Mets fans who adore their prospects a little too much are squeezing onto him quite as tightly as they did in the past. Others have performed better and play a greater position of need. Mauricio could very well end up packaged in an offseason trade before we even reach Opening Day.

And if he’s not, I think we’ll at least have a clear picture of what’s next for him when he finally does get to the major leagues.

Whatever happens on the farm in 2022, things seem to be looking up.

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