5 Mets minor league predictions for the 2022 season

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For at least a night, Adam Oller plays Mets hero

Adam Oller is beginning to grow on me. An underdog and non-prospect in the team’s system, he was last year’s Mets Minor League Pitcher of the Year. He accomplished this by going 9-4 with a 3.45 ERA split between Double-A and Triple-A.

Oller has bounced around with a few organizations and even played some independent ball in 2019. Getting his chance with the Mets in 2021 seemed to reignite something in him. He made the most of his opportunity just within reach of the major leagues.

One sign the Mets definitely like what he did was the fact that they added him on their 40-man roster. Doing this protected him from the Rule 5 Draft and also made him a contender to have his name added to the organization’s starting pitcher depth chart.

In 2022, I’m predicting Oller does get his shot to start for the Mets. And for at least one night, he’s a hero.

How does it go down? Oller doesn’t throw the first perfect game in club history. He doesn’t do a No-Han either. No, on one blistery summer night somewhere on the road, possibly during a game that didn’t start until after 10pm Eastern Standard Time, Oller shuts down an opposing team and becomes the talk of Mets Twitter.

This isn’t exactly a prediction with anything more than some wishful thinking. I like stories like this. And each year, the Mets seem to have at least one of them. I’m pinning Oller’s name to the board to be the one to do it.