3 biggest Mets winners and 3 biggest losers at the Memorial Day checkpoint

Cleveland Guardians v New York Mets - Game One
Cleveland Guardians v New York Mets - Game One / Christopher Pasatieri/GettyImages
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NY Mets winner: Runners on base when Pete Alonso and Francisco Lindor are up

Pete Alonso keeps driving in runs. Sure, his batting average couldn’t get a date to the prom this month. His ability to continue to create chaos on offense makes him arguably the most important player on the entire Mets roster.

He has been getting a little help. Teammate Francisco Lindor, enduring some of the same problems as Alonso, is also one of the league’s most prolific when it comes to driving in runs.

The two have combined to drive in 85 runs. The Mets have scored 243. That’s just under 35% of their total runs.

They’ve performed well with runners in scoring position with Lindor slashing .286/.373/.482 and Alonso at .283/.377/.547. Brandon Nimmo and Jeff McNeil have been more productive in the slash line department, however, with neither of them going yard they’re well behind their teammates in terms of driving in runs.

Meanwhile, with bases empty, Alonso is a .209/.287/.518 hitter with Lindor following behind at .184/.250/.342. Perhaps the clutch gene is strong within these two. For whatever reason, they’re putting up All-Star numbers in RBI opportunities. When the bases are barren, both have put together epically bad slumps. Fortunately, their purpose is to knock in and score runs. They’re doing it as well as anyone in baseball.

A very honorable mention should go out to Francisco Alvarez as well who'd probably be right there with them if he actually got to play and hit in a spot where RBI opportunities were actually available.