3 biggest Mets winners and 3 biggest losers at the Memorial Day checkpoint

Cleveland Guardians v New York Mets - Game One
Cleveland Guardians v New York Mets - Game One / Christopher Pasatieri/GettyImages
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Memorial Day is one of those checkpoint moments in the MLB season where we assess exactly what a team is or isn’t. The New York Mets, at 27-27, are as average as it can get.

They’ve been knocked down as many times as they’ve delivered the haymaker. They have a team that should be better than this. The results just haven’t been there yet.

Coming off of a losing series against the Colorado Rockies this weekend, it’s easy to find a few more losers at the Memorial Day checkpoint. The team does have as many wins as losses, though. We have a couple of winners to tip our caps to first before we wag the finger.

NY Mets winner: Brandon Nimmo for being himself but better

Brandon Nimmo got a lot of money this offseason. Who would’ve ever guessed a few years ago he’d get the largest contract for a homegrown Mets player in franchise history? Even adjusted for inflation, his contract is likely right up there with anyone else.

Nimmo has been exactly what the Mets have needed at the top of the order. We can debate a lot of ways to put this lineup together. The number one spot doesn’t include any argument. It’s Nimmo and no one else.

Nimmo is easily the biggest individual winner on this ball club. He’s headed toward a possible .300+ batting average season which never seemed possible in the past. He was a patient hitter but not an excellent one when it came to compiling hits.

An unsung hero of the roster, he still does feel like the dirty little secret of this franchise. Will this be the first year where he earns himself a trip to the All-Star Game? It definitely feels that way.