3 recent examples of the Mets' medical staff catching injury red flags

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Example #3 of the NY Mets medical staff catching injury red flags: Carlos Correa

Steve Cohen nearly broke baseball, Twitter, and Christmas this winter when it broke that Carlos Correa received a monstrous 12 year, $315 million contract in the early hours of December 21st. Correa’s deal fell through over medical concerns, just as his prior deal with the Giants did.

Scott Boras insisted he wasn’t injured, which was true then, but he missed some time in May and early June with plantar fasciitis and a muscle strain in his left foot. 

The Mets and Giants were originally concerned with his right foot due to an injury and surgery from a few years ago that resurfaced and caused Correa some pain in September of last year after a slide into second base. However, it is possible that their MRI’s showed the plantar fasciitis in his left foot. 

Correa wound up signing a smaller, shorter deal to return to Minnesota. If he stays healthy, there are options for extra years and more money, but it remains to be seen if he’ll get those well into his 30’s.

It’s worth noting that Brett Baty has posted similar stats to Correa. Baty has an OPS+ of 86 and Correa’s is 87. So the Mets have someone younger, playing similarly now, and still has plenty of time to grow.