3 recent examples of the Mets' medical staff catching injury red flags

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Example #2 of the NY Mets medical staff catching injury red flags: Kumar Rocker

Many fans, including myself, were excited after the Mets selected Kumar Rocker with the #10 overall pick in 2021. But a confusing roller coaster of events followed.

The Mets’ medical staff flagged something in his medicals, which made them weary of giving him the above-slot-value contract that he and the front office agreed upon. He also skipped the pre-draft medical imaging at the combine, under the orders of agent Scott Boras. The Mets didn’t sign him, instead opting to receive a compensation pick in 2022.

We later found out that the issue was in his right shoulder. He underwent a “minor” procedure in September of 2021, just a couple of months after the draft.

The Rangers decided to take him #3 overall in 2022, which shocked many in and around the game. About a month ago, it came out that Rocker needed Tommy John surgery. Reports are that it went well, but it will still delay his development significantly.

The Mets’ medical staff was spot on again. Before last year’s draft, I wrote about if the Mets should be having second thoughts about taking Rocker, and I basically said I wasn’t sure because it was too early to tell. Now, I feel very confident that the Mets made the right choice. He was in A+ ball this year, and that’s where he will likely return when he is healthy. Assuming all goes well with his recovery, he won’t step on a mound until 2025 and then he still has to conquer AA and AAA before reaching the Majors. Sounds similar to Matt Allan, and we don’t need two of those guys, so kudos to the medical staff once again.