Max Scherzer hasn’t made his relationship with the Mets “Twitter official”

Division Series - San Francisco Giants v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Three
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Did it really happen if you haven’t updated your social media profile picture? This is the age-old question about relationships. Many New York Mets fans are now left to wonder, is Max Scherzer really with us?

Case in point: Scherzer’s Twitter page. His avatar still fully displays his Dodgers blue. From the time he was traded to the Dodgers to the time he officially became a free agent, about three months went by.

He is now only a few weeks away from being a member of the Mets for just as long. When is this going to become Twitter official?

Max Scherzer has to add the word Mets into his bio as well

I know Scherzer isn’t a big tweeter or user of social media but for him to still have his bio read “Pitcher for the LA Dodgers” is concerning for a whole generation that depends on knowing who is with who via things like this.

Scherzer has only tweeted twice since joining the Mets. The pair of tweets came on February 4, commenting on the current MLB lockout.

It was the best time to update the profile picture to a Mets logo or maybe just a generic one of his family. Anything but the Dodgers! Relationships with people whose names we have forgotten lasted longer than Scherzer’s tenure with them.

There are more pressing things on Scherzer’s mind in regards to his job than what a silly profile picture displays. Social media is not his forte. Winning Cy Youngs, pursuing championships, and negotiating on behalf of his fellow players is what matters to him most in relation to baseball.

With no end to the MLB lockout near and Scherzer wearing his heaviest scowl to show Major League Baseball and its owners he means business, I don’t think we’ll get too many more logins to his Twitter account. Scherzer is smart enough to know you don’t go posting on social media when you’re angry. His two tweets were a little more calculated than a random decision to start ranting publicly.

When spring training does begin, Scherzer may realize his error in not updating his profile picture sooner. Until then, keep pinching yourself, Mets fans. Then ask, “Is it real? It’s not on his social media page.”

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