The Max Scherzer Effect is in full force

New York Mets v St. Louis Cardinals
New York Mets v St. Louis Cardinals / Joe Puetz/GettyImages

Signing Max Scherzer did more than sell New York Mets tickets. It gave the fans a guarantee that things would be different in Queens this year. After four starts, we’re seeing how much he has helped change things.

The Max Scherzer Effect won’t get its chance to fully begin until the offseason when his presence on the club could convince a player or two to join the Mets. The team didn’t make too many major additions through free agency after signing him; the final step in the process.

In the meantime, Scherzer is just playing baseball and doing exactly what he was meant to do. The Mets are winning. Scherzer’s presence, among other things, is a huge reason for it.

The Max Scherzer Effect has worked to perfection for the Mets this year

Max Scherzer has given the Mets something they haven’t had, maybe ever. He was the ultimate Jacob deGrom insurance policy. With deGrom missing the first few weeks of the year, the club was forced into cashing it in early. So far, it has paid off in big ways.

Every Scherzer start has resulted in a win with him personally going 3-0 with a 1.80 ERA. Mad Max has struck out 33 batters in his 25 innings and given up only 5 earned runs. He’s helping to make the Mets look unstoppable or at least incapable of going on a lengthy losing streak.

Scherzer still hasn’t lost a regular season game since late May of 2021. He’ll eventually get a handed a loss whether it be a rare off-day from him or a tough-luck performance. Mets fans call this a “2018 Jacob deGrom start.”

When he’s not on the mound, Scherzer has been spotted passing along his knowledge to his fellow Mets pitchers. Youngsters like Tylor Megill and David Peterson can learn a lot from him. And based on how they’re pitching this year, they seem to have already taken something away. This is just what we see, too. Undoubtedly, Scherzer isn’t playing the Brett Favre to their Aaron Rodgers behind the scenes. A wealth of knowledge and experience, there may not be anyone better to learn from than him.

The Mets have a winning attitude this year. It’s in part because of Scherzer’s presence. It’s also because the club went out and brought in other guys with similar reputations. Scherzer is just a part of the plan and most effective after one month of baseball.

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