Those fireworks last night were for Max Scherzer returning on Tuesday

St. Louis Cardinals v New York Mets
St. Louis Cardinals v New York Mets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

Max Scherzer is coming back. The New York Mets have been without him since late May just ahead of the roughest part of their schedule. They were able to stay afloat in his absence thanks to continued offensive production and some big starts from guys like David Peterson and Trevor Williams.

As successful as the Mets were minus their only healthy ace who has taken the mound this year, they need him back. Pronto.

The National League East is tightening up and as much as we don’t need to be concerned about losing a playoff spot, capturing a division title and with one of the two best records is important. You want that bye.

All of those fireworks last night were to celebrate Max Scherzer returning to the Mets on Tuesday

Scherzer will get the ball against the Cincinnati Reds in his return. One of the league’s worst teams, it’s a winnable game for the Mets even if Scherzer isn’t his usual masterful self.

It’s also no bed of roses. The Reds are, despite their weak start, a major league club. They have professional hitters on the roster. As much as we’d love this series to be about scouting which members of their team we should acquire, these are games that count in the standings.

The cliché of an injured player returning in July is that it’s like making a trade deadline acquisition. This is better than that. It steadies a rocking rotation. Scherzer on the mound sends shivers down the spines of the other team. In his 8 starts with the Mets already this year, he has been as good as expected, going 5-1 with a 2.54 ERA.

We did want him around for the June stretch. However, I think every Mets fan will accept Scherzer regaining strength in July, powering through August and September, and then laying it all on the line in October.

Those fireworks you sat up and watched last night all over the country were popping off and scaring dogs with a purpose. Max Scherzer is coming back.

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