5 Mets manager replacements if Buck Showalter doesn't return in 2024

If Buck Showalter is gone after 2024, who replaces him as the Mets' skipper?
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The Mets could bring in a former Houston Astros managerial candidate

Current Houston Astros bench coach Joe Espada could again be an option for the Mets. Espada was one of the finalists for the Mets' vacant managerial job in 2021 when the team selected Buck Showalter.

Espada has been a famous candidate around the league. His relationship with Billy Eppler dates back to when they both worked for Brian Cashman in 2014.

Espada's availability isn't certain because Dusty Baker's time as Astros manager could expire in a year or two, leaving space for Espada to operate as the boss. However, as long as the Houston team remains competitive with Baker at the helm, Espada would have no room in the organization.

Espada is a candidate with many interesting aspects. His experience in the front office is not as great as his level of learning in the clubhouse of a winning team like the Houston Astros.

During his stay in Houston, Espada has been able to be the bench coach of two great managers such as A.J. Hinch and Dusty Baker. Additionally, Espada was an infield instructor for the Astros where he helped and has helped different players leading Carlos Correa and Jeremy Peña to win their respective gold gloves.

Joe Espada can bring his experience and learning with a team as recognized as the Astros to the Mets. Espada may be the spark plug engine the team needs to complete its cultural change within the clubhouse capable of promoting better relationships between players and better performance on the field.