5 Mets manager replacements if Buck Showalter doesn't return in 2024

If Buck Showalter is gone after 2024, who replaces him as the Mets' skipper?
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The former manager of the St. Louis Cardinals would be a good selection for the Mets

Mike Shildt had led the St. Louis Cardinals to the playoffs in three straight seasons when he was surprisingly fired as the team's manager to make way for Oli Marmol. Shidlt finished with a 252-199 record, winning manager of the year in 2019.

The current San Diego Padres third base coach was the first to be left in shock after being fired after a 90-win season. John Mozeliak, GM of the Cardinals, argued that the reasons for his dismissal were due to differences in the philosophy and direction of the team.

Shildt was likely executing lineup and bullpen moves that weren't the goal Mozeliak had built his roster with. This led to Shildt leaving the team and leaving Oli Marmol in charge of the team.

The firing of Mike Shildt took MLB players and managers by surprise. Yadier Molina argued that whatever the reasons, in the clubhouse the communication was fluid, guaranteeing that Shidlt has the skills to command a contending team.

Mike Shildt could bring his Cardinals experience to the Mets in a cultural shift for a clubhouse that still has some work to do. His background gives him the respect the players would have for him, and his record would augur a better performance for the team on the pitch.