5 Mets manager replacements if Buck Showalter doesn't return in 2024

If Buck Showalter is gone after 2024, who replaces him as the Mets' skipper?
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Among the options for the manager of the Mets, Carlos Beltran would be a success for the clubhouse and the fans

When Carlos Beltran was selected as manager of the Mets in 2019, excitement was felt among the fans. A former Mets player who was largely productive in his tenure with the team intended to inject some of the knowledge he gained playing under Alex Cora and A.J. Hinch with the Houston Astros.

Sadly, three months after this decision, Beltran was fired as manager due to the 2017 Astros scandal. In an unprecedented event, Beltran was the only player to be named in MLB investigations, something that was arbitrary and led to his departure. from baseball and has made his case for entering the Hall of Fame more difficult.

Yet this past offseason the Mets hired Beltran as a special assistant GM, and players like Francisco Lindor and Edwin Diaz applauded the signing. Both players, who had advocated for Beltran to join the organization, recognize his level of intelligence as a hitter, being one of the most advantaged in his time, and for his communication and managerial skills.

Beltran looks like a more than ideal-option for the Mets. A former player with high performance and intelligence who was able to learn from one of the best MLB managers, Alex Cora, would be a fundamental piece to take this team, and especially the young talent that has been rising, to another level.