MLB insider criticizes the Mets manager hire and names David Wright as a better choice

But David Wright doesn't even want to manage.
Miami Marlins v New York Mets
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Jon Heyman is the national version of Andy Martino. Although Heyman now works for the NY Post, he’s much more known around all baseball circles for his sometimes questionable opinions. He has gotten to know the New York Mets more so since joining the NY Post as they are one of the two teams he writes about a little bit extra.

His response to the hiring of Carlos Mendoza wasn’t super positive. His assessment is that the Mets lost the Craig Counsell sweepstakes and hired the “second fiddle on the bench of their big Bronx brother.”

Fair enough. But right before this critique, Heyman names a few choices who would’ve been better for the Mets. They include Mark DeRosa, Joe Espada, and David Wright.

What would even make David Wright a good Mets manager?

The Captain would be the dream hire for most Mets fans if only because it meant getting to see him back in the dugout. Wright has been very open about his disinterest right now at returning to the game in such a large capacity. A few days at spring training are one thing. On the road for 81 games and away from his family for the other 81 at Citi Field is too much for this father raising kids.

I believe it was a Mark Twain quote about how the best person to lead is the one you have to drag in kicking and screaming to do it. I couldn’t find the exact quote. Upon searching, I was only met with the IMDB page for the Will Ferrell soccer movie.

This quote doesn’t apply to MLB managers. There is a lot of sacrifice needed. Not for a moment has Wright indicated an interest. And even if he did, his reputation as a player risks being tarnished if things don’t go so well.

It’s tough to feel all that negative about Mendoza because we know he’ll have David Stearns and his team making a lot of the decision anyway. Connecting with players and seeing things from a different point of view is what he’s here for. His input, while appreciated, isn’t going to outmatch anything the front office prefers.

Heyman doesn’t give any reason as to why the hiring of Wright would be better than Mendoza other than it being a publicity grand slam. The Mets are trying to win baseball games, not press conferences. Wright will always be welcomed in any role for this team. As a manager, he first needs to show the will to want it.