Former Mets manager has optimistic predictions for the 2024 season

Terry Collins had the most optimistic outlook for the 2024 Mets.

New York Mets v Philadelphia Phillies
New York Mets v Philadelphia Phillies / Rich Schultz/GettyImages

The SNY staff make their predictions for the 2024 New York Mets season. Among the crew to finalize what their crystal ball told them was former Mets manager Terry Collins.

A still beloved member of Mets history thanks in large part to his success and fiery attitude, Collins had the most optimistic of predictions of everyone asked. Those predictions include Pete Alonso being the team MVP, a 1.21 ERA for Edwin Diaz, and 90 wins.

The 90 wins do, however, still have the Mets settling for third place in the NL East.

The SNY crew is pretty unified in what to expect from the Mets in 2024

Everyone but Todd Zeile predicts the Mets finish in third-place. Zeile, who has the team finishing with 2 fewer wins than Collins, predicts Mark Vientos as the “prospect to have the biggest impact.” While technically no longer a prospect as are a few of the other selections here, it matches closely to Collins’ proclamation that Brett Baty will be the prospect to impact the team most.

Those impact prospect predictions aren’t solely positive, though. Jose Butto is someone named by a few of the SNY crew members. Could it be that they’re high on him or feeling a little down on others? After all, if the Mets have to turn to Drew Gilbert, Christian Scott, or any other prospect early in the season, it probably means something went wrong elsewhere.

Everyone other than Andy Martino predicts Alonso will hit over 40 home runs while it’s about even with Francisco Alvarez going over 30 dingers. Phillip Martinez went the boldest of all, proclaiming Edwin Diaz as the team MVP, Dom Hamel as the most impactful prospect, and going under 40 and 30 home runs for Alonso and Alvarez, respectively. His 86-76 finish is positive, fitting in with the same narrative as everyone else.

Dani Wexelman is the lone person on this list to have the team finishing at .500 or worse at 81-81. The range of wins goes only from 81 up to the 90 predicted by Collins. The real challenge seems to be whether or not the 81+ victories will be enough to earn the Mets a wild card spot. Collins’ 90 win season should get them there. The 85 wins Jim Duquette and Jerry Blevins predict will have them on the edge. It took only 84 last year for the Arizona Diamondbacks and Miami Marlins.

Reminder: every game counts. When the Mets win 83 games, we'll blame a random loss in May. When they win 85, we'll thank Carlos Mendoza for a bold managerial decision in June.