Luis Guillorme wins best tweet to sum up the latest bargaining session

New York Mets v Washington Nationals
New York Mets v Washington Nationals / G Fiume/GettyImages

Luis Guillorme may not have a seat at the head of the table for the ongoing talks holding baseball back from starting. The New York Mets infielder isn’t a regular tweeter either, instead hiding in the grass ready to pounce at the best of opportunities.

Surely frustrated that he’s not preparing to play some exhibition games in only a couple of days, Guillorme took to Twitter to crack a joke at the shortness of the negotiations that recently lasted only 15 minutes.

Mets infielder Luis Guillorme has slick hands for fielding and for tweeting

A silent but deadly assault on the lack of movement between the two sides—obviously geared more toward MLB.

Guillorme is one of those guys who could be greatly affected by the outcome of the ongoing labor talks. Players in his position, likely destined to spend their careers in a part-time role, won’t have the chance to make the kind of moneys that keeps owners awake at night. Even a small bump in his salary or benefits is life-changing. I completely understand any frustrating he would be feeling right now. There’s so much uncertainty right now.

In typical Guillorme fashion, he didn’t cry or whine over it. Instead, he took time to remind us of one of the underrated things he does best: he wears out the pitchers.

Last spring, Guillorme worked an epic 22-pitch walk against Jordan Hicks of the St. Louis Cardinals. Hicks is known for throwing hard. Guillorme matched up against him and came away as the winner in a brilliant preseason battle.

It’s rare for a walk to become a headline or even a memorable moment, particularly in spring training. The bases weren’t even loaded. Nobody scored a run. Guillorme, one of those utility players Mets fans can’t help but to love with his carefree attitude and tremendous beard, defied those rules.

During his short time with the Mets, Guillorme has become the king of spring training highlights. In 2017, he caught an errant bat barehanded in the dugout.

Those hands are something else. Tweet carefully, Luis. Do it in bubble wrap if you have to.

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