MLB London Series Ticket Prices: How much does it cost to attend Mets vs. Phillies?

Tickets are still available for both games.
MLB London Series - Chicago Cubs v St. Louis Cardinals
MLB London Series - Chicago Cubs v St. Louis Cardinals / Matt Dirksen/GettyImages

The New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies will play over in London this weekend with a match on Saturday and another on Sunday. The neutral site will steal away each team’s normal ability to have a home field advantage. Will the ballpark be filled with more Mets or Phillies fans?

Both teams are riding a three-game winning streak with the Mets sweeping away the Washington Nationals and the Phillies doing the same against the Milwaukee Brewers. For the Mets, it’s important to come away with at least one win. Three games behind in the Wild Card standings, a victory against the rival Phillies will help legitimize their recent success.

If you’re not doing anything this weekend and you happen to be on a stroll around London, tickets for both games are still available. Why not pop in for a pint and some sport?

Here's how much it will cost to attend the Mets vs. Phillies London Series

Tickets can be purchased on Ticketmaster’s website for as low as 97.90 pounds ($125) on Saturday or Sunday. The Saturday tickets would have you as close as the 36th row with Sunday putting you as close to the 34th but both come off to the side of the foul pole which isn’t exactly ideal seating for the price.

Better tickets are available for both games, though. For 418 pounds ($534) you can sit in the 14th row behind the Mets dugout on Saturday. On Sunday, the best tickets put you in the 12th row behind the Mets dugout for the same price.

If you have a few extra pounds (not those ones handing off the side of your belly), some VIP experiences are available, too. Ranging from $474 to $1,074 pounds each ($606-$1,496), they’d offer an even more luxurious experience. Called the “Sports Bar Hospitality” ticket, you might not remember much of the game if you take full advantage of it.

All ticket information is subject to change.

First pitch on Saturday is at 1:10pm EST or 6:10pm local time. On Sunday, you’ll see the first pitch at 10:10am EST or 3:10pm local time.