Lamespotting: Mets London Series vs. Phillies Hawaiian shirt is appalling

Send it back to the factory to burn.
Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Mets
Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Mets / Adam Hunger/GettyImages

The New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies will play in London this weekend. But you already know that. What you might not have known is the two teams co-exist somewhere else besides the National League East.

Someone, somewhere, had a few too many pints and decided to imprint the Mets and Phillies logos onto one tasteless Hawaiian shirt. Spotted in London by a Mets fan, this shirt is about as shameful as it gets.

You may have also noticed an unfamiliar face outside of the shop wearing a Mets uniform. A failure of a whole different kind of proportion, Jake Reed somehow made the storefront. He hasn’t pitched for the team since 2022. His 8.18 ERA in 11 innings spanning the 2021 and 2022 season has him as one of the most random choices possible. Did Deven Marrero refuse?

The English aren’t naïve enough to think the Mets and Phillies belong on a shirt together

It’d be like one of us buying a shirt with Manchester United and Liverpool on it. We shouldn’t do it. Maybe something to commemorate the event. This Hawaiian shirt, and let’s not forget it already has this going against it, doesn’t seem to reflect the event but more so a confusion in rooting interest. Those attending the game don’t necessarily have to pick a side. Enjoying a game of Major League Baseball should be good enough.

Hawaiian shirts at baseball games in London already create some confusion. The gloomy weather doesn’t exactly call for the use of this kind of clothing. New York and Philadelphia have as much to do with Hawaii as the English do with the Canary Islands. What gives?

Someone in the marketing department dropped the ball in these two cases. Hawaiian shirt with both team logos? A forgettable player who hasn't been on the team in a few years? Apparently, someone already got their internship credits when they came up with these ideas.

It’ll be interesting to see how many fans in the stands are actually living in the United Kingdom as opposed to ones who are traveling from the United States for a unique baseball experience. Someone will buy one of these tacky shirts for the mere thrill of wearing something ugly and possibly getting on television. If we’re really lucky, it’s Jake Reed who shows up in one.