Mets London Series fear unlocked by The 7 Line founder

There's on pitcher Mets fans hope they don't see in London next month.
May 21, 2022; Denver, Colorado, USA; New York Mets The 7 Line Army cheers in the fourth inning of a
May 21, 2022; Denver, Colorado, USA; New York Mets The 7 Line Army cheers in the fourth inning of a / Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Leave it to Darren Meenan to unlock the greatest London Series fear New York Mets fans can imagine. It’s right up there with a 28 Days Later scenario.

If you’re flying across the Atlantic to see the Mets take on the Philadelphia Phillies next month, you have to hold your breath and hope it’s not Adrian Houser you’ll see on the mound.

The founder of The 7 Line had much higher aspirations for the London Series. Could it be the 2024 season debut of Kodai Senga? The latest update from manager Carlos Mendoza was a bit unsettling as it further pushes back any rehab assignments he may endure.

Mets fans will want their schillings back if they go to London to see Adrian Houser pitch

Houser will get his chance to showcase his talents at least once more today in Cleveland. The Mets have been a bit unpredictable with their starting rotation. Houser’s last planned start was pushed aside because he warmed up in the bullpen the day prior. Instead, we got an appearance from Joey Lucchesi that went down the drain mid-game.

The Mets can only keep Houser around for so long. Going against their better judgment as fans, some may find themselves rooting against Houser in Cleveland.

Senga making his 2024 debut in London for a competitive Mets team was in the cards when it became obvious that he’d be out through at least the end of May. The latest delay to his return, whether we want to call it a setback or anything else, assures us this is probably not going to happen.

Instead, there’s a better chance of seeing Senga pitch for Syracuse in St. Paul while the Mets are in London or maybe a little closer to home in Bowie, Maryland for Binghamton. Hopefully, travelers to London can avoid seeing Houser pitch overseas. What’s the ERA conversion rate across the pond? In either case, it can’t be good.