4 left-handed relievers who could replace Aaron Loup

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Andrew Miller
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Andrew Miller

A 16 year major league veteran, one of the top southpaws for the Mets to pick up and add to the bullpen is 2-time All Star Andrew Miller.

Miller has been well travelled over the course of his career, having pitched for 7 different teams over the past 16 season, and has put up numbers just about everywhere he's been.

Starting out his career as a starting pitcher, Miller eventually transitioned into a relief pitcher and went on to become one of the best in the business,

His best stretch came over the course of the 2015-2017 seasons as a member of the Yankees and Indians, where over the course of 198.2 innings, Miller logged a staggering 1.63 ERA.

After leaving the Indians following the 2018 season, Miller signed a 3 year deal with the St. Louis Cardinals. In his 3 years with the Cards,
Miller logged over 103.2 innings with the Cards, posting a total 4.34 ERA

Clearly Miller's best days are behind him, but he can still be an effective reliever, and while his total ERA isn't great, his showings against left handed hitters are much more impressive.

For the 2021 season, Miller held left handed batters to a .182 batting average and .257 OBP. Just for comparison, against lefties in 2021, Aaron Loup held left handed hitters to a .167 batting average and a .226 OBP.

Miller may be past his prime, but his isn't too far off from Loup's numbers against left handers, and while he may not be the man to anchor the team's bullpen, he could easily serve as a left handed specialist.

Andrew Miller has the experience and the track record to really make a difference in the Mets bullpen, and whenever the lockout finally ends, New York would be wise to reach out to him.