Every Mets team that led the National League in home runs

New York Mets v Pittsburgh Pirates
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Home runs and the New York Mets don’t always go together. There have, however, been four instances when the team led the league in home runs. During one particular era, the club had a nice streak going, too.

NY Mets led the league in home runs during the 1988 season

The Mets hit more home runs than any other National League team in 1988. They hit 152 which is 90 fewer than they would eventually hit in 2019 when they set a franchise record with 242. In fact, one year earlier in 1987, they hit 192 but didn’t lead the league.

Darryl Strawberry was the biggest contributor with 39 home runs. Kevin McReynolds finished in second with 27 with Howard Johnson receiving the bronze medal with 24.

NY Mets led the league in home runs during the 1989 season

There’s a pattern developing. After leading the league with 152 dingers in 1988, the Mets followed it up with another National League-best total in 1989. This time, it took them only 147 to beat everyone else.

The usual suspects were involved but switched around. Howard Johnson led the team with 36 followed by Darryl Strawberry with 29. Kevin McReynolds added another 22 to help them slug more than anyone else.

NY Mets led the league in home runs during the 1990 season

Why not go for three years in a row? The 1990 season featured more than either of the two previous. The Mets launched 172 long balls this time.

Once again, the same trio added the most. Darryl Strawberry led the team with 37. It was Kevin McReynolds’ turn to finish in second with 24. Howard Johnson had the third-most with 23.

NY Mets led the league in home runs during the 2017 season

This is the surprising one. For the fourth time in team history, the Mets led the league in home runs. It came in a much less productive season when they clobbered a then-franchise high 224 home runs. It beat out the previous year’s club by 6.

What’s really amazing is how many more home runs they would have hit. Jay Bruce led the team with 29 but was traded mid-year after only 103 games played. Michael Conforto was second with 27 and he only appeared in 109 games. A total of ten players reached double-digit dingers for the Amazins this year.

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