The last 3 free agent depth additions the Mets should look into

There's no such thing as too much depth.
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3) Jesse Winker

Hello, old friend. Jesse Winker happens to be another member of the 2023 Brewers for the Mets to consider. This is merely a coincidence. Stearns had already stepped down by the time Milwaukee brought him in.

Getting it out of the way first, Winker only makes sense for the Mets on a minor league deal. A Buffalo native, he’d be closer to home in Syracuse where he could ride out a part of the season until he proves he is worthy of a major league roster spot.

It’s hard to believe Winker has fallen on such hard times to the point where a minor league deal is even possible. His .199/.320/.247 performance with just a single home run in 197 trips to the plate last year seems to suggest he won’t have too many teams clearing out a roster spot for him.

Winker is much more of a DH at this point, but can play left field if needed. Also a lefty swinger, he’s one of the ultimate rebound candidates available in free agency this offseason. He was an All-Star in 2021 during a remarkably productive final year with the Cincinnati Reds. Considering both some questions in the outfield and at the DH spot for the Mets, he’s a worthwhile consideration.

Plus, with his history with Mets fans, it would be a fun little turn if he ended up helping them out in 2024.