Kodai Senga wants to know which number he should pick

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Kodai Senga is going to be a lot of fun even off of the field. He’s already embracing New York Mets, taking to social media requesting some help for one of the biggest questions an athlete will ever have to come to terms with: what number should I wear?

Senga has worn 21 and 41 in the past. With Roberto Clemente’s 21 being retired across the league and 41 hanging from Citi Field in honor of Tom Seaver, the newest Mets pitcher will have to go elsewhere. He has a few thoughts on some numbers.

Mets pitcher Kodai Senga is asking for help to pick his MLB number

The choices of 34, 40, and 46 all click in our brains differently.

34 reminds us all of Noah Syndergaard. It was worn by Tommy Hunter last year. Although back with the organization, Hunter is on a minor league deal. He may have to pick some different digits.

40 is a number worn by players like Pat Zachry and Bartolo Colon. Most recently, it was Chris Bassitt. He’s now pitching for the Toronto Blue Jays.

Sam Clay wore 46 for the Mets last year. It has the worst history of any number from Senga’s selection. This is what Oliver Perez wore for the Amazins. Unless he wants to break the cycle, he should steer clear.

As sports fans and people in general will do, many are suggesting Senga take on number 48. Jacob deGrom’s old number, Senga has politely declined.

Whatever number Senga ultimately chooses, it’s the numbers in the box score fans will care about much more. He had a 1.94 ERA last season in 144 innings last year. Translating this to Major League Baseball is just a guess. Factors from a natural decline or improvement to the culture shock will all be at play.

Sengai will make his selection this week with just enough time for some last-minute Christmas shopping. What number do you think he'll pick?

He should go with 46. Be different. Be the best in Mets history to ever wear it. Eliminate the distraction of taking a number from more recent players.

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