Kodai Senga and Francisco Lindor are locked in team history after last night's performance

Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets
Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets / Elsa/GettyImages

Rob Schneider gained popularity in the 1990s as Richmeister with his catchphrase “Making copies” said in an over exaggerated way. In last night’s win over the Philadelphia Phillies, a pair of New York Mets players weren’t making copies. They were busy making history.

A pair of tweets during the game caught my attention. This was a game led by starting pitcher Kodai Senga and shortstop Francisco Lindor who did a few things last night to lock themselves into the history books.

NY Mets teammates Kodai Senga and Francisco Lindor added their names to some exclusive lists

It’s not real if it’s not on Twitter. Senga’s accomplishment last night is very real because he is now apparently tied for the third most strikeouts through a Mets pitcher’s first 10 career games.

Senga has been racking up strikeouts this season which is refreshing for a Mets starting staff where only he and David Peterson have averaged more than a K per inning. His 70 strikeouts has him tied for 19th place in MLB at the moment. On this historic list, he shares his spot with Matt Harvey at number three.

Taming his wildness is a must for Senga. Home run happy teams like the Phillies and the Tampa Bay Rays earlier this month may end up more prone to swinging and missing against him. He asked for the Phillies lineup and he delivered with only a single hit against him and zero walks plus 9 fat strikeouts.

Senga was able to relax a little bit thanks to a solo shot by Lindor. You were promised two tweets. Here’s the other.

Lindor may never be appreciated by some fans. Hitting 10 home runs isn’t a major accomplishment and yet only one other shortstop in franchise history has had as many or more double-digit dinger seasons than him. It happens to be Jose Reyes, a guy who was here a long time and is one of the few who actually were known for their offense. Lindor happens to play well on both sides.

The last week feels like it has included some unique takes on both of these players. Senga slander. Lindor libel. One game isn’t going to end those discussions. Maybe it can quiet them down for a few hours and we can appreciate what each of them are doing.